Jersey Sponsor Logos

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Add your sponsor and company logos to any jersey.  - $2.99 each logo

Unless you want duplicate logos on your jersey, add each logo as a separate cart item when purchasing. 

Type in your sponsor/company logo name, choose a color (1 color options only at this time).  In the "Your Jersey Description" field describe what the jersey looks like we are applying this logo on to.  In the details field explain logo details, location wanted on the jersey and anything else you would like to share. 

If your logo is a popular brand we can likely find it ourselves.  If it is a personal company, local dealership, etc. you will need to send us your logo in a high-resolution format. We will contact you after your purchase for more details. 

About the Process:

  • High-quality heat transfer vinyl
  • Applied with an industrial heat press
  • We will email your prepaid shipping label within 24 business hours
  • Shipping is FREE with additional services IE: Name/Number


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